December 4


Waiting, a game that I’m an expert at.  This photo is straight out of the camera, and when I saw it, it spoke to me with a look of waiting, longing, anticipation, and it instantly reminded me of how I’ve waited for my husband over our 25 years together.  During his Army career he was deployed many times to the Middle East, Korea and elsewhere, and I waited for a letter, waited for a brief phone call, waited for news of his safety, waited for his return.  No one can imagine the pure, blissful joy of having  their husband return from a year plus deployment, relishing in the ecstasy being together, but knowing it is short-lived, unless they’ve done it.   Now in his retired second career he travels overseas frequently, and I wait for his return and although not as long or uncertain as his military deployments, the feelings of longing and anticipation are the same.  I’ve spent much of my life waiting.


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