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Sheep Farm



These beautiful Katahdin sheep are raised on a local farm not far away.  I had the opportunity to visit and take some photos of them as well as the Belted Galloway cattle raised there recently.



sheep 8x10


I traveled to my home state of Iowa for the holidays and was so excited to have the opportunity to photograph a flock of Lincoln sheep!  This is a rare breed of  long wool sheep that originated in England.  Their wool grows about 12 inches per year and is prized by hand spinners.  I have a special interest in heritage breeds of livestock, the old timey breeds that were bred for their ability to thrive on a natural diet, their hardiness and dual, sometimes even triple purpose usefulness.  Sadly, many of these breeds are now endangered.


Warm Breath on a Cold Day…


A Spot of Color…


…in an otherwise drab, dreary, misty day.

She Owns Me…



…and I’m okay with that.

Life Is a Dance…



Life is a dance.  Listen to the music and feel your spirit moving.  Let your steps be joyful.

~Margaret M. Painter

On Into November