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Sheep Farm



These beautiful Katahdin sheep are raised on a local farm not far away.  I had the opportunity to visit and take some photos of them as well as the Belted Galloway cattle raised there recently.



sheep 8x10


I traveled to my home state of Iowa for the holidays and was so excited to have the opportunity to photograph a flock of Lincoln sheep!  This is a rare breed of  long wool sheep that originated in England.  Their wool grows about 12 inches per year and is prized by hand spinners.  I have a special interest in heritage breeds of livestock, the old timey breeds that were bred for their ability to thrive on a natural diet, their hardiness and dual, sometimes even triple purpose usefulness.  Sadly, many of these breeds are now endangered.


New Life


Here is one of six new baby goats born on our farm in the past week.  They are all girls, all sweet and adorable and so very entertaining to watch their antics.  They enjoy life to the fullest and just make you smile.